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Through shortfall guarantees and project-specific contributions, SüdKulturFonds supports productions and events featuring artists from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe (non-EU countries). The aim of the fund's support activities is to facilitate access to the Swiss cultural market and to professional networks for artists from the southern and eastern countries of the world and particularly from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation partner countries.

SüdKulturFonds is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC and administrated by artlink, cultural cooperation. Only projects which take place in Switzerland are eligible for support.

The backdrop to the funds' support is the UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions, which commits state parties to facilitate market access for artists from developing countries. The convention with its 146 signatory states, together with several other UN resolutions, stresses art and culture as being a mainspring in sustainable development.

Priority Tour Promotion
The Touring in Switzerland for emerging artists funding programme is aimed at agencies and tour managers who bring to Switzerland artists from the Global South who are active mainly in their regions of origin and have had little or no access to European cultural arts events. A prerequisite for support is that a substantial part of the tour must take place in Switzerland. More information in a pdf here.


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You need a user account in order to submit an application to the SüdKulturFonds. You can use your account to draft, update and then submit your application, then later on you can also do the same with your accounts. Furthermore, you can check the status of your applications or accounts at any time (draft, submitted, under consultation, approved or rejected).

The SüdKulturFond only supports projects involving professional artists from countries on the OECD „DAC List of ODA Recipients“. Priority is given to countries where the SDC is operating (list).

The SüdKulturFonds supports cultural projects of all art forms, but no contributions are given to film productions.

Single events: Application should be submitted by the event organiser; artists appearing at events may not submit an application themselves.
Series of events: multiple eligible events over the course of a year or a season.
Festivals: one or more eligible events with multiple productions.
Tours of non-resident artists.
Production of CD’s or video clips, from complex programmes or the-matic co-productions (excluded film productions).
Residency in one of the recognized studios in Switzerland (artist in residence).

In order for your application to be treated within the framework of the Priority Tour Promotion, it is necessary to complete and upload this questionnaire (right click / save as) as a project dossier. To open and edit the pdf, you need the Acrobat Reader DC.

In granting contributions, priority is given to independent and convincing projects. No support can be granted to projects which have already taken place, nor to advertising or benefit events.

Successful projects must be able to provide proof of sufficient self-financing, with particular emphasis being laid on realistic and adequate revenue from tickets or sales. Applicants are encouraged to pursue funding from other sources or agencies (cities, cantons, private sponsors), but funding from other government departments is not possible if it is awarded to the same area of a project.

The applicants – be they individuals, groups or institutions – must be able to guarantee that the project will be completed professionally.

Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the start of the project. Late or incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Decisions on amounts under CHF 5000 are taken on an ongoing basis.

For amounts from CHF 5000, the following deadlines apply for submission:

Jan. 31 - April 30 - Aug, 31 - Nov. 30. Also these dates must be 4 weeks Prior to the start of the project!

The following deadlines apply to applications for literary translations: April 1 or November 1.

Contributions to projects over CHF 30,000 of relevance throughout Switzerland or in a linguistic region are processed twice yearly and applications must be submitted two months prior to the start of the project in consultation with artlink.

The artlink office decides on applications under CHF 5000 on an ongoing basis. Artlink reviews all other applications together with external consultants after the submission deadlines. Contributions over CHF 30'000 must also be approved by the artlink-SDC steering group.

External consultants: Albane Schlechten, Nyon (music), Ane Hebeisen, Berne (music), Anja Dirks, Basel (theater and dance), Rona Schauwecker, Zurich (film), Marina Porobic, Berne (visual arts)

Funding contributions will be paid once a completed final account and final report have been presented. This should occur no longer than three months after the project has been completed.

In the case of longer projects, an application can be made for a maximum of 50% of the total sum to be paid in advance.

In the case of deficit guarantees, only the effective declared shortfall (up to and not exceeding the agreed sum) will be paid. If a project is covered by multiple deficit guarantees, the shortfall will be split pro-rata between the vari-ous deficit guarantors.

You can download the list of projects supported in the previous years as pdf here:
2016: 2nd semester - 2016: 1st semester